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Who We Are

The Jaycees (or Junior Chamber) is a worldwide community of young active citizens between the ages of 18 and 40 who share the belief that, in order to create positive change, they must take collective action to improve the community, the world, and themselves. Engaging in activities covering everything from local food drives to highly impactful international projects, members demonstrate social responsibility and improve themselves through participation, leadership and action.

What We Do

The goal of the Jaycees is to provide leadership training through community service. What sets the Junior Chamber apart from other organizations is a focus on individual development. While most volunteer groups offer community service and social activities, the Jaycees offers its members the opportunity to improve themselves. By chairing a local project, a young person can practice organization, delegation, time and resource management, public relations and motivational skills. Training programs are usually offered by the Jaycees, usually at no cost to the member, that also teach these skills.

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